Calendar feature added to website

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Calendar feature added to website

Today, I’m pleased to announce a new feature on the website. By visiting this page, which is also accessible from the site’s home page, you will be able to view a calendar that lists any event at which I will be playing. Most of these are Sunday masses, but you will also find weddings, funerals, etc. to which the public may attend. Private parties and events where I’ll be playing or singing will not be listed.

This feature has been added in response to many wanting to know when and where I’ll be playing in advance. I hope this resource will allow those interested to attend mass, primarily, at the time they might like. Events titled “Mass – Seth Cutter” are those masses at which I will be playing and singing. Events otherwise labeled as “Seth Cutter, Cantor” or “St. Joseph Choir” reflects if I will be singing, but not playing, or singing with a choir, etc.

If you have any trouble viewing the calendar, I hope you’ll let me know. I welcome your feedback on this calendar, the website, and any music matters always.