Music Services

seth cutter plays pianoI am pleased to be able to offer a variety of musical services to individuals, organizations, churches, and communities across many different settings. Please refer to the Fee Schedule page to identify the standard initial price point for each of the services or types of services listed below.

  • Piano accompaniment
  • Organ accompaniment
  • Violin performance
  • Vocal performance (baritone)
  • Ceremonial music planning services

seth cutter sings

I offer the above services across many settings and for a wide variety of occasions, including the following.

  • Wedding ceremonies (especially Catholic wedding liturgies)
  • Funerals (especially Masses of Christian Burial)
  • Anniversaries (including commemorative masses and anniversary parties)
  • Catholic masses
  • Retirement and other special parties or gatherings
  • Choral concerts
  • Sporting events (i.e. National Anthem)

Please feel free to contact me to discuss an upcoming event at which you might require these or any other musical services. I also have access to a network of other musicians who might be able to fill your requirements or work with me on your event.

Seth Cutter on Violin

Please also note that if your event requires travel outside the immediate vicinity of Greater Cincinnati, there will be added cost to the initial standard price point for the services above to compensate for travel expenses.

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